Sensei  Seishin Shukokai Karate

Stuart Birkinshaw  Chief Instructor


My name is Stuart Birkinshaw. I started karate in 1988 at the ripe old age of 20. I studied under Sensei Mick Jordan at Clayton Green Leisure centre. After I got to brown belt I became an assistant instructor in the club and a few years later began running it with him.

I achieved my Black Belt in 1998, this took a little longer than normal as I dedicated a lot of time to competitions. I took over the club after my instructor retired and I continued to teach at Clayton Green until we moved to our new location.

I have achieved many things in my Karate career but I see my greatest achievements being the students that have carried on to get their Black Belts. To date I have had 22 achieve this goal.

Karate takes dedication and discipline; do you have it in you?