Sensei  Seishin Shukokai Karate

Dave Cook  Chief Instructor


Sensei David Cook (Sensei Dave) began his karate training later in life than the average after realising that having two sons studying a martial art could put him at a disadvantage. One son continues with his Karate and both him and Sensei Dave gained there 1st Dan black belt in just over 2 years of training under the mentorship and tutelage of Sensei Stuart Birkinshaw, Sushuko Shukoki Karate.

Sensei Dave for many years was a member of the Scouting association and has taught children and adults of all ages and abilities, the skills required to either gain awards or progress through the education requirements needed for leadership in scouting. Although no longer a member he still offers his help and support and often puts on displays of Martial Arts or Bird of Prey displays (another hobby) to Scouting and guiding groups throughout Preston and South Ribble.

Throughout the years Sensei Dave has developed a passion for teaching his skills and knowledge to others. He has also learned through his teaching how to communicate, understand and appreciate the individuality of his students, wishing to create for them an environment devoted to learning through enjoyment and fun but also with respect and discipline.